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Future Self Meme by ShiningMasenko
Future Self Meme
Another meme. Hopefully I did this one right. xD is where I got this one.  All the memes guys!
Romance meme by ShiningMasenko
Romance meme
So I'm doing like, all the memes. And I wasn't sure what to do with this one, so I just drew a raymond. is the original. 

Ray by ShiningMasenko
This isn't what I want to be remembered for...
VRA Easter Thing by ShiningMasenko
VRA Easter Thing
So Raymond participates in just about everything there is because Easter is a fun time, but everything changed when the fire nation attacked. 

And he told his mom about it in an abstract kind of way, but she never did respond to him, and he hadn't had the best day/week/however long the Easter events went on, so it really bumbed him out, though he wouldn't tell that to anybody. But his sister responded to his selfie of him dressed like a sexy bunny (he didn't mean to send it) and ended up cheering him up just a bit. : D
And as for the text, since my writing is bad I'll type it out here. 

Dear Mom, you said that I should write more. Well, at school I learned about the physics behind hard boiled egg throwing. 

And that you can NEVER be too careful when texting. 

And that fire is Hot. Happy Easter Mom. 

Cell Phone: AC: HEY, WHY DOES MOM get an email and all I got was a selfie?  Also, Happy Easter. Treat that girlfriend of yours to your candy stash.  Raymond: Love you too Sis...

Mom didn't answer, but sis did. 

//He got a hard boiled egg to his face, and it was wet so now he has hopefully a temp dye job, and a black eye. And bandages from catching on fire momentarily. Not sure how much of this is even canon, but it's fun all the same~ : D
Raymond App by ShiningMasenko
Raymond App
.:『Raymond Clarke』:. 

♥ Age: 17

♥ Gender  ♀ 

♥ Year Junior

♥ Height: 5'6"

.:『Suave Little Shit』:. 

♥ House: Cygnus 

♥ Animal Affiliation: Eagle 

♥ Roll: Student

♥ Personality:  He is flirtatious, easy going, simple minded, and gullible. Raymond will obey just about anything a pretty girl tells him to do, and he sees beauty in every girl he meets. He hates studying because he finds it to be a waste of time, since all he strives for is to graduate. He's very forgiving and doesn't hold grudges. He likes all people, even if they don't like him, though he does chose favorites. If somebody thinks differently than him, he just blows it off as "creative differences." He doesn't approve of using force to solve his problems, and if he admits that he has a problem then he will likely ignore it and hope it goes away or try solving it in secrecy. He enjoys making friends, and if they like video games, it's a bonus for him. He will try anything once if somebody suggests it to him. He is also sarcastic and enjoys joking around with people. Instead of using others as the punchline he usually uses himself as to not hurt other's feelings, but still get a good laugh out of them. He is suave and sweet to girls, but when he gets to know a guy, he tends to be a bit of a jerk, and try to get them to do stuff for or with him. He's a smooth talker that can generally get a guy to do anything he pleases. He will give up after thirty seconds of attempting to convince a person of something, determining that it's too much trouble since he's so lazy. 

.:『Life is too short to avoid things, so I like learning what I can through my surroundings. Unfortunately, I'm kinda dumb so I don't learn much.』:.

╔ Likes(only five)
○ Learning new things
○Mountain Dew
○Video Games

╔ Dislikes (only five)
○Sour Food
○Amazon Shipping Speeds

♥ Why am I at this school? ♥ 
╔ Because his parents are trying desperately to get him to raise his grades.╝

♥ History ♥ 
╔  He has an older sister who is much smarter than he is, and when he was little he realized that his parents always compared him to his older sister. This caused him to give up on school in general. His major talent had always been playing video games, so he used all of his time playing them. Raymond never wanted to best his sister in anything because he loved her, and because he didn't want to pick fights. His excuse was that their parents only needed to be proud of one of their children, and he'd much rather read comics than text books, but in reality, his major problem with competing with her was that if he ever did beat her, he was afraid that her feelings would be hurt. His parents eventually focused all of their attention on his older sister, which allowed him to do whatever he wanted. For years the only one who cared if he got good grades was his older sister, and she would sabotage his video games until he did his homework or study. Also, he would use her text books as coasters. When they heard about VRA they decided to send him there without his video games in hope that he'd make something of himself. They forced him to fill out the application, but his older sister did it behind his parent's backs so that he'd have a chance of actually getting in. Though he is upset about the loss of his beloved video games, he still looks forward to the new experiences and people he will meet. Also, he is constantly having his friends back home send him his video game collection ╝

○ He is bisexual
○ Even though he likes meeting new people, he isn't very open to these new people at first.
○ He wouldn't mind an open relationship.
○ He doesn't mind being sick if it means he doesn't have to go to class.
○ He would love to test out video games for a living
○ He despises being thirsty
○ He makes Cain do stupid stuff with him.
○ He seems to befriend cats easier than anything else
○ He's a suave little shit.
○ He's a virgin.
○ He almost always has some form of candy on hand.
○ He is surprisingly good at cheering people up AND angering people. 

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